Tayfun Guclu Yuksel

Drupal Software Engineer - Web Design - SEO

Tayfun Guclu Yuksel Software Engineer - Web Designer - Coder Full-service Web Design and Digital Agency specializing in Website Design, Development and Internet Marketing Orcas informatica Limited. 
Responsive Design
Responsive design is a technique used to build mobile-friendly websites that have a similar look and feel across all devices combined with the best practices in UX Design to ensure your responsive website looks and functions exactly as expected
Web Development
I specialise in front-end development using technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and may work in collaboration with back-end developers to deliver all sorts of functionalities depending on the complexity of your project.
SEO Implementation
All websites I develop are SEO-friendly which means they come with the required structure for on-page search engine optimisation built-in and will certainly help increase the chances of being ranked higher on all major SERPs.

Turkiye / Antalya Telefon: 0532 691 8501