Murat Demircan

Northampton: +44 07377 564035

He was born in Istanbul in 1982. He completed his primary and high school life in Istanbul. He graduated from Cumhuriyet University, Department of Economics.
He started his corporate experience at Finansbank in 2004. During his three years of experience, he first worked in the head office operations department, then in the branch operations and marketing departments.
He was transferred to Fortisbank as a commercial portfolio manager. Two years
He left this institution where he worked, during the bank's closure process. In 2009, he started to work at Bilim Pharmaceuticals as a field sales manager. During this period, he received a lot of corporate and individual training. At the end of a four-year process, he established his own company and put his experiences in corporate life into practice with an entrepreneurial spirit. It operated in areas such as wholesale food and cleaning products sales, retail food and cleaning products sales, fabricated bread production (took part in the supply chain of corporate stores such as BİM, A101). During this period, he focused on overseas activities and carried out consultancy activities by taking initiatives to establish a corporate supply chain, especially in the UK. In the country, it provided supply and support services by taking part in the supply chains of banks, pharmaceutical factories and chain hotels. The biggest gain of operating in these business areas has been gaining one-to-one experience in the field in leadership, team management, marketing, sales, purchasing, finance, logistics, accounting, production and efficiency. It still continues its activities in the health sector as the distributor of Nevfarma Pharmaceuticals in the Aegean Region.
"What excites Murat?" was the beginning of the great change in his life. He discovered his desire to share his experiences and trainings in his corporate life and entrepreneurship life with employees on his corporate life journey. As a result of this discovery, he started to receive training. Receiving the ACTP coaching certificate, he took the first steps in active listening and unlocking the potential. Especially in the pharmaceutical industry; With his educational presentations and role-play activities at meetings, he returned willingly and consciously to the education sector, where he actually took his first steps, years later. The name of the consultancy firm established in 2015 has been changed to Gaia Akademi ve Koçluk Hizmetleri A.Ş. as of this year. and completed the preparatory processes.
Since 2019, she has been organizing ICF accredited coaching trainings with ID Coaching and Leadership and Personal Development Trainings via GAIA Academy.
Trainings & Certificates Received:

  • Integral Life Coaching ACTP
  • Individual Image Management
  • Team work
  • Correct, Effective and Good Speaking
  • Presentation techniques
  • Customer Focus
  • Reaching the Sale without Objection
  • Marketing Techniques
  • Effective Promotion to the Group
  • Sales Techniques Training
  • Character Analysis Trainings
  • Negotiable Documents Law Education
  • Financial Analysis and Reporting Training
  • Financial Accounting Training
  • Collateral Law Education

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